tee eee telex 2020


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c12 is a multidisciplinary nightclub and platform run by the deep in house collective, located in the heart of brussels. it's a safe place where freedom, diversity, creativity and alternative culture are protected from the restrictive and normative outside world. the project was launched in february 2018 and includes concerts, art installations, lives, club nights and exhibitions.

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vlek is a brussels based record label releasing music and promoting other art forms. artists appearing on the catalogue are ssaliva, lawrence le doux, sagat and christophe waelkens amongst others.

souvenirs from imaginary cities
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souvenirs from imaginary cities is a brand new label founded by kong dj and hill men in 2020 in brussels and antwerp, belgium. it focuses on releasing uptempo electronic music, slow burning rhythms, mesmerizing tunes emphasizing tone and atmosphere, from computer incantations to human percussion in its rudest form. both pressed on vinyl as digitally available.

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tummie a fresh, printed magazine for people who just love to eat. each issue is dedicated to one scent, smell or ingredient about which chefs, scientists and artists from belgium and the netherlands contribute. the magazine is a project by culinary illustrator elise van iterson (nl) & food journalist barbara serulus (be).

co-founders, promotion & press

south/MIDI is a recently established community platform. it is centered around storytelling & curation, devoted to electronic music happening in and around belgium.